Pebble Mobile Apps
Aug 2013 – Dec 2017
Pebble creates technology designed to blend seamlessly into daily life. Pebble supports both iPhone and Android phones.
Role: Interaction Design, Visual Design, Information Architecture
Pebble app on Android phone
Sketches and Explorations
Early sketches of Pebble 2.0 app
Onboarding flow showing updated visual style
App Icons
App icons for Pebble App
App icons for Pebble Time App
Onboarding Experience
Onboarding flow can be a very complicated thing to design
App Design Evolution
From very first version to the latest designs
iPhone App
Android App
Pebble App Store
Design System for Mobile Apps
A part of a large design system Pebble used to develop mobile apps
Device Assets
Every possible Pebble model and color for use in mobile apps handcrafted in vector
Available for iPhone and Android. Pebble Time or Pebble 2 watch series required.
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