Dec 2012 – Aug 2013 is a subsidiary of Mail.Ru Group, the largest Internet company in Russian-speaking countries with an audience of 137.7 million users.
Role: Interaction Design, Visual Design
In 2012, the Mail.Ru group decided to create a subsidiary called to work on the U.S. market. I led the process of creating the design for productivity apps and overall mobile app style for the new brand.
How it all started
I sketched the app's main screens in a search for great UX solutions. After dozens of iterations, I came with something like this.
Searching for the Right Visual Style
I was aware of current design trends in mobile apps, so I knew that flat design was taking over. The flat design style works great with the visual language we have set previously for the big web—a lot of white space with the juicy red logo and sexy outline icons. A perfect recipe for a modern iPhone app!
The Style Applied to Other Products had a portfolio of mobile apps, so we had to be sure this new style worked well with them, too. These were just concepts, so the final apps may have differed from them.
I tried hard to find a unique look for our product portfolio. Of course, there were  similar designs with white menu bars and minimal visual styling, but they weren't mainstream. By the end of May, we were proud to stand out from the crowd.
Then iOS 7 came out...
iOS7 was announced on June 10th. It was a visual language for one of most popular mobile platforms where we wanted to launch our first apps. Yikes! I explored alternative approaches to app styling, but eventually we  returned to our initial vision.
This one we loved the most. It was clean and modern, focused and uncluttered. It also had emotion and personality because of sexy icons, juicy color accents, and lively Ul animations.
Let's Look at Details
That's where the designer can make users happy and have fun. Engaging interactions is where mobile design is going and where it always should have been.
Icon Set
To compensate for visual minimalism, we needed emotions in the details. We also wanted to make icons a part of the identity—they looked as if they were written by hand, and this made them more human.
App Icon
Product Video
The myMail app available for iPhone and Android.
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