Nov 2011 – Aug 2013
Mail.Ru Group is a leading Internet company in Europe and is the largest Internet business globally with over 130 million daily users. Headquarters are located in Moscow, Russia.
Email App
Role: Interaction Design, Visual Design, Information Architecture
I was the product design lead for a flagship productivity product of the company, the "Pochta@Mail.Ru" email app. I designed the app from  scratch for multiple platforms (e.g., iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Samsung Bada, J2ME and Mobile Web) and took care of it during a few major overhauls. Now the app has millions of daily active users and is rated as one of the best email clients on a market.
One of the first app versions
Major Redesign
After the huge success of myMail, the Mail.Ru Group decided to redesign the flagship app in the same way for the majority of the user base (outside of the United States).
The process of redesign
Closer Look
iOS app design before and after
New design on iPad and Android
The app is available for iPhone and Android.
Calendar App
Role: Interaction Design, Visual Design, Information Architecture
One of the experimental projects that I did for the company was a calendar service for our users. This was a great opportunity to try something new in a visual style we had been using, as well as interaction methods. I created solutions that we reused later in other apps. Some of them were patented.
Main screen of the app
Calendar View and Event Details
The app is available for iPhone and Android
App Icons
Role: Visual Design
Android Icons for Email and Calendar Apps
Design System
Role: Interaction Design, Visual Design, Information Architecture
I've initiated a major mobile product design system for the company, called "Paradigm." That was a critical project for the company because it enabled Mail.Ru to launch and relaunch over 20 projects within just two years. That’s a very impressive performance for such a large company.
A few layouts designed for the system
Documentation in Confluence
New projects built using the system
The current state of Paradigm Design System
Various Projects
Role: Interaction Design, Visual Design
While working at Mail.Ru as a lead product designer, I was also working on projects other than productivity apps.
Hub@Mail.Ru (for Windows Phone) and Mail.Ru Main Page (for Mobile Web)
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