Pebble OS
Aug 2013 – Dec 2017
Timeline OS is a whole new way to interact with your smartwatch. With the press of a button, you can get the information you need, summarized chronologically to help you organize and go on with your day.
Role: Interaction Design, Visual Design, Information Architecture
I was a part of a team who were worked on a brand new OS and the whole new UX for Pebble ('Timeline OS'). It was very exciting to build complete new experience from the scratch: from concepts and explorations to the final shipping to our users.
Some of the concepts
'Timeline' is the new interface to see your past and future events on Pebble watch.
If you click on one of the Timeline events ('Pins') you can see details: like sports results or weather forecast.
App Faces
'App Faces' is a tiny bit of most important app's information available at glance in the Pebble launcher menu.
General App Faces explorations
Settings App Face details
Action Menu
Action Menu is a pattern to interact with any information in Pebble OS. Like replying to incoming notifications.
List Views
Pebble OS 3.0 and 4.0 for Monochrome Screens
When the company decided to use a monochrome screen for Pebble 2 devices – I was the person who adapted the new colorful operating system to monochrome screens. Using some tricks I was even able to make it look nice by introducing pseudo grey colors.
App Faces and Launcher
Core System Apps
I designed some of the Pebble OS built-in apps. For the company it was even more important than just create great system apps; we had to show 3rd party developers how to design awesome apps for Pebble and how to use Design Guidelines we created.
Music App
Weather App Explorations
Alarms App
Reminders App Experience (including mobile screens)
Settings App
Watch Faces
In my spare time, I designed watchfaces for Pebble. Most of them being one of the most popular on Pebble App Store.
Few watchface designs I created
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